Ricky Luce North Florida Kayak
Ryan Conner - Ricky Luce Kayak Challenge Tournaments
Fishermen of the Year -2012
          Ricky Luce -North Florida Kayak Tournament 2013

              Below is the list of all the Kayak Tournaments I could Find.

Sat.    Feb 2nd             Luce North Florida

Sat.    March 2nd         Luce North Florida

Sun.    April 28th          IFA - Jacksonville

Sat.     May 4th             Kayak Fishing Classic

Sun.    June 9th            IFA - Charleston

Sun.    June 30th          IFA-Titusville

Sat.     July 13th           Luce North Florida

Sun.    Aug.  3rd           IFA- Savannah

Sat.     Sept.  7th          Luce North Florida

Thurs.  Oct. 17th          IFA Championship - LA

Sat.     Nov. 16th          Flounder Pounder
You can by Dick's Wings from 4 to 7 to pick up
tokens on Friday afternoon. Due to the drive
you may pick up tokens for fellow fishermen in
your area.

1. Must leave from a public area-with Photo
2. Must fish in public area, no private property
3. May not communicate with any contestant
4. Winner will be based on total inches of 1   
Redfish and One Trout.
5. Ties will be to the first one in to the table.
6. If you feel someone has broken one of 3
fishing rules, a protest can be filed at the table
in writing with $50.00, if you win the $50.00 will
be returned, if you lose it goes to HOW.

For tournament #2 those that have filled out
their application may send their money in and
have that person pick up their token. Only
ones that did not fish the first tournament must
show up and fill out an application.

Safe Light will be 7Am, do not think many will
want to leave before then.
Championship Tournament
1. Free to all that Fish in two tournaments or more.

2. If we continue with the same turn outs the payouts will be
1st  $500
2nd $400
3rd  $300
4th  $200
5th  $100

$1500 In cash prizes with NO entry fee
Points will not carry over, everyone will fish from a fresh start.
There will be a prize for fishermen of the year, the person who has the
most points after the 3 tournaments, everyone gets to drop one score.